Alangara - New Dawn, an nwn1 persistent world.                                                                               Direct Connect IP: Made with Xara Welcome to the Inner Realms ! Welcome, traveller of many worlds, to this small teaser gallery of the Inner Realms; a demiplane situated in the core of Aber Toril far beneath Faerun and the Underdark. Information about “Alangara - New Dawn” can be found on our forum, using the linkbar on the top of this page. We hope that this gallery will awaken your curiosity to our world and perhaps even tempt you into giving us the benefit of the doubt and enter to see for yourself. “Alangara - New Dawn” have been build with a clear emphasis on the graphical design and feel of the world. This design has been made with drivecam-view mode, corresponding as close to 1st person view as possible, in mind.  Also we have tried our best to fully implement the depth of CEP 2.6, which is needed to join the server. Information on this can be found in our forum. Enjoy ! / The “Alangara - New Dawn” staff. To create a better world we must understand a greater I for I is the reason this world it’s doing and what I understand is what I create Zertihn of Chessenta